• Exercise and Explore Your New Wings
  • Learn How to Become the Boss of You
  • Protect yourself from Energy Vampires
  • Disempower the Narcissists in your life
  • Become an Empowered Empath

So that you can have more Peace, Freedom and Joy

Integrate Your Wings and Become the Boss of You - Free Classes

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Free Gift #2
Clearing Audio
As Promised

3 Steps to Clear Disruptive Relationship Energy
(you can clear any relationship)

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Lifetime Pain Disappeared

You removed energetic shackles from so many places in my body. I think you removed some 10 shackles from me! I was surprised. And life long pain that I had been living with in my neck, in between my shoulder blades and lower back disappeared! I had seen many healers and none had given me this level of results.
 ~ Marsha MKL

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A Life Long Issue Cleared

Gwen was able to do the heavy clearing to finally stop my mother & sister from draining my energy hiding under both shadows of responsibility and cloaks of responsibility. This has been a life long issue for me that I am so relieved to have cleared.
~ Katherine NY

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I Feel Completely Changed

I felt restricted and blocked like there was a black cloud around me and I wasn't moving forward. I worked with Gwen in a 30 minute session call and it was amazing! She cleared the cage and prison bars from my heart and sacral chakras. Since then I have felt lighter, freer, calmer, and happier! I feel completely changed! I am so excited for moving forward in my life! Thank you Gwen!!!
~ DB Austin, TX

You Have Wings! Who Knew?!!! Now That You Know... What do You Do with Them?

These powerful and fun group calls expands on the wings that we brought in during the Life Transformation Summit training. (There were two calls to serve both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The content is mostly the same with different clearings.)

You'll be able to clarify and find the kind of wings you have... How many different types of wings you have and what gifts, messages or support they provide for you.

We'll integrate your wings so that they're fused to you and your energy field in the most beneficial ways and give you fun exercises to get used to your wings.

I'll also share how to become the boss of you as you become an Empowered Empath that repels narcissists and energy vampires!

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Relationship Clearing Audio

3 Steps to Clear Disruptive Relationship Energy
(hint, you can clear any relationship)

Yes... Please Give Me My Free Clearing Audio Now!

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