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Uncertain Times Support

Uncertain and Difficult Times Have Added to the Normal Stresses of Life. THEN... there are SHACKLES!

Everything has changed on the planet. 

I get that I don't have to tell you about what's been happening in our world. What I do want you to know is that on top of everything going on in your outer world, there are shackles in your energy field that are draining the energy that you need to deal with this "new normal." We'll get through this and if you'll let me, I'd like to make it easier for you by providing support and removing the shackles that are affecting your ability to cope and thrive!

Why you would want this:

1) There are pressing issues for you that you need support with now

2) You feel your voice is blocked and you can't speak your truth

3) Something is repelling money, relationships, and sex in your life

4) Your breathing is restricted and you can’t seem to get a full breath

5) You're feeling overwhelmed and you want expert support

6) You'd like tools for dealing with Energy Bullies or narcissists

7) If still feeling the isolation, trauma, and drama of the last few years

What do you want to clear?

You have some personal pressing issues that you’re ready to clear right now.

You’re committed to your healing journey and want to clear those shackles that you know are stopping you right now.

You're going to get tools to deal with the uncertainty. We'll clear the collars blocking your voice. We'll remove the chastity belt in the way of your money, relationships, and sex life. We'll get that corset off that's restricting your breath. AND MORE... 

This 3-Pack of sessions is here to support you with pressing issues, whatever challenges have been made bigger for you with the current planetary situation. Each session is here to be used for what you want to clear and call in. Consider them your "cards" to freedom, peace, and more energy for your life!