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Flowing to Freedom Book Project

The Total Value of this package is $15,293 and is yours for only $1500 when you say yes to paying in full! AND you get to be part of a ground-breaking book project.

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The Flowing to Freedom Book Project is a Hybrid Project.
Perfect for personal development and through your collaboration, you gain the credibility of being an author in an award-winning internationally bestselling book.

It's the combination of a 15-module Program discovering and integrating the 13 Chakra Core Vitality System and results in you being credited as an author in an innovative book set to be published later in 2024.
Some reasons to be part of this book project:

If you're looking for...

  • Increased visibility and exposure as an author in the field of spirituality and personal development.
  • Expanded reach and access to a wider audience through collaborative marketing efforts.
  • Enhanced credibility and authority within the personal growth community as a published contributor.
  • Potential for media coverage, interviews, or podcast appearances to further amplify your message and impact.
  • Potential for future publishing opportunities or book deals based on the success of the collaborative book project.

This is for you!

AND if living on the planet at this time of upheveal, chaos, and many conserning issues has you feeling anxious, scattered, and or ungrounded...

Perhaps having difficulty focusing, being hesitant to make decisions, full of fear, and doubt...

Or it seems like everything is either spinning out of control or spiraling downespecially if you're dealing with immune system and health challenges.

THEN the Program contained in this Book Project IS for YOU.

I'm Gwen Lepard, Luminary, Author, and Transformation Coach. I get it! I've certainly been there too. I've spent years as a guide-by-the-side helping others like you to gain clarity, confidence, and calm.

What's in the way? One of the things that I often see with the Empaths, that I serve, is wide-open boundaries. So that you're feeling others' emotions and symptoms and being told that what you feel isn't real. Experts say that nothing is wrong with you. Friends and family tell you to get over it and stop being so sensitive or imagining things. It can be demoralizing, to say the least!

The self-esteem, emotional, and mental aspects of being "Gaslit" because they can't imagine that what you feel is real can make you play small, want to hide, and even question your sanity. It can limit your life in so many ways.

I know that what you feel is VERY REAL and now you have a part of you that can help tell you that what you feel is coming from someone else, NOT You! How will that change your life?!?

...AND that is ONLY the benefit of having the awareness, activation, and alignment of the Boundary Chakra! There are 12 more Chakras in the Core Vitality System that you'll receive when you say yes to From Fumbling to FLOW with the 13 Chakra Shabang.

As an Empath, if all you get from this program is the KNOWING of what's yours and what's others, it can save you years of wondering, "what's wrong with me!"

Flowing to Freedom Book Project includes an online go-at-your-own-pace program with:

  • 15 MODULES to bring awareness, awaken, access, activate, and align all 13 Core Chakras for your highest well-being, and access to your 5D presence, potential, and power.

  • Plus 14 musical sonic meditations that activate and nourish all of the Chakras as well as the protective and magnetic field that they create around you. These alone can be a HUGE game changer!!!

  • Includes bonus material, resources, meditations, events, and an interview, and that's just in the HomeStudy part of the program. 

In total, Over 25 Hours of Content to reclaim your Connection to Your Core 13 Chakras for Confidence, Creativity, Charisma, Calm, and Clarity!!!  

AND because we're creating a book with Case Studies and we want you to SUCCEED... We're also including:

15 Live Watch Parties over a 5 Month period with:

  • Q&A
  • Clearings
  • An interactive Telegram group with suggestions and connection
  • Online Journal to share your progress

Finally, we'll make it easy for you to share your Transformation Case Study so that you'll be part of the book!


 To Stay in Touch, you'll be invited to a Private Telegram Group where we're growing a community of connection, collaboration, and contribution to each other... Just in case you've been feeling all alone in your path, there are others who are on a similar journey and my aim is to bring us together and create ways to support each other through learning about this system that is part of us all. (Telegram is a secure texting platform that you don't need cell service for it to work.)

Value of having regular connection and access to a like-minded community, as well as Gwen and her Team: Priceless $$$$




Foundation Fundamentals - Reveal • Reclaim • Restore Your True Connection to the Universe

Begin with this 90-minute Introduction to the 13-Chakra Core Vitality System to provide a foundation for the 5-Module “Sacred Spheres Shine” Course and continues through the complete system with the Chakra Creation Collection, and the Core Chakra Clarity courses, so that you'll be open to receive the full effects of having all these chakras working for your highest good.

You'll learn where I first discovered the 13-Chakra System and where some of this content came from.

We look at the fundamentals and provide clarity about the 6 that were lost or erased from existence. You’ll discover their intentions, colors, and locations in the body as we:

  • reveal
  • reclaim
  • restore

...your awareness of your dynamic relationship with the inner and outer universe. So that you begin to receive the rewards of connecting with your divine nature. 

The call includes 3 meditations.

We start with the Grounding Heart Meditation to bring your presence to the call and prepare you for your best result. You also tap into the Treasure Trove of Wealth waiting for you.

Then we reclaim the 13 Chakras and bring their Intentions online through an Activation Meditation. These intentions are empowering statements to lift your vibration and lighten the load of being an evolving empathic being living in a dramatically changing 3D to 5D world. 

We wrap up with the Integrative healing of all 13 Chakras through a Quantum Journey so that you can begin to truly feel your connection with each of the chakras and with Heaven and Earth. This allows you to have a relationship with these crucial elements of your nature to fully know yourself and your abilities as an Empath and that can now serve your well-being, wealth, and willingness to be you, all of you. Being all of you brings authenticity to a world starved for people that are REAL and who present with confidence, calm, and clarity while conveying integrity to heal the rifts that are challenging our world. If you've felt the call to help heal the world and/or have been on a healing journey yourself, it's time to get the support of something that is actually PART of YOU! Whether your journey includes making a difference globally or just for yourself and your loved ones, the 13 Chakra Core Vitality System is a support system that is already built in. Getting access to it and finding out how to use it to help you in what you're up to is what this whole journey is about.

  • value: $397


Sacred Spheres Shine - Healing the Disconnection with Your 13-Chakra Core Vitality System

  • Become more grounded and connected to Source, Support, and Supply than ever before
  • Focus on the 5 Lower Chakras
    • Boundary - one of the most important tools for Empaths. Activating and reconnecting to this lost and yet innate boundary will offer relief from the barrage of outside information.
      • Initialize your innate protection system
      • Gain the knowledge of what’s yours and what’s others
      • Shields you from disharmonious energies
      • Extends personal space
      • Expands your freedom
    • Base
      • So you become more aware of your bond with the Earth
      • How the planet supports you
      • Discovering that your base is really at your feet not at the end of your spine allows you to have a more stable foundation to grow from. This increases your connection with the Earth.
    • Altar
      • Giving you a sense of your relationship with the larger Universe and the respect and honor that comes from that connection
      • Getting support for your entire skeletal system
      • This chakra is an important meeting place of the natural and divine. It assists in bringing spirit into physical form.
    • Grounding Cord
      • True grounding by being connected to Heaven and Earth
      • Discovering the role that the spine plays in this connection
      • We cover how important it is that this chakra stay:

        • Open
        • Connected
        • Plugged in

        …to alleviate the problems of:

        • Lacking energy
        • Feeling tired
        • Feeling alone

        Reenergizing these "lost" chakras is an important step in our evolution. Once the 4 lower "root" chakras have been established, the upper 9 will work with more efficiency, effectiveness, and ease.

    • Manifestation/Root
      • Accessing the real job of this chakra that has been burdened with the job of 5 chakras for so many 100s of years
      • Now you can open up to manifest on a whole new level
      • This chakra is a:
        • Portal
        • Doorway
        • Threshold

The Manifest Chakra is where creations are manifested and shared with the world. It is the "Doorway to Life" holding the divine ability to create new life. Due to being underutilized, misinterpreted, and exploited that connection to divine power has been lost. By gaining the foundational support of the 4 "Erased" Chakras, this will begin to change, and you will be producing quicker results and more powerful manifestations.

  • plus Sacred Geometry Spheres
    • Interlocking and connecting all the chakras
    • so that you have a solid foundation for receiving the flow of potential and power from these energy portals
  • value: $997

  • Chakra Creation Collection  
    • Reveals the 5th of 6 Lost Chakras and Further Integrates the 13 Chakra Core Vitality System
    • Contains 4 Online Transformation Sessions
    • Integrates Chakras 6 - 9 of the 13 Chakra Core Vitality System
        • Chakra 6 Creation  - open up and inspire the birth of:
          • Wealth so that you have more resources for your creations
          • Health so that you have more energy and bandwidth to create
          • Freedom — In Relationships Giving You the Freedom To Be You 

As the Creation Chakra becomes integrated with your Manifestation Chakra True Transformation occurs in these areas bringing ever greater well-being.

  • Chakra 7
    • Solar Plexus
  • Heart
  • Breath/Thymus - the 5th Of the 6 Lost Chakras
    • So You Can Access Your Inner Treasure Trove of Wealth and Upgrade to 5D with Ease
    • builds on the first 5 Chakras from Sacred Spheres Shine
    • plus Sacred Geometry Spheres
      • Interlocking and connecting all the chakras
      • so that you have a solid foundation for receiving the flow of potential and power from these energy portals
    • value: $777


  • Core Chakra Clarity
    • The last 4 Chakras including the lost Harmony Chakra
    • Brings Awareness and Completion for the Healing of Your 13-Chakra Core Vitality System so that you can own your personal power and your connection with Heaven and Earth as we move into a more loving 5D world
    • Bringing all 13 Core Chakras online so that your Chakra System is Complete and all the potential that has been waiting to be reclaimed is now within your grasp.
    • 5 Online Transformation Sessions - downloading, activating, and integrating the complete Core Vitality System of your Chakra Energy Structure
    • Restore Your Core 13 Chakras for Confidence, Connection, and Creativity
    • Bring all 13 Chakras together to Activate your Passion, Purpose, Peace, Prosperity, and Power
    • value: $997 


14 Commissioned Musical Tracks - 13 Core Chakra Sonic Meditations

      • designed specifically for the 13 Core Chakras to:
        • activate
        • align
        • advance

    …your connection with the 5th Dimension (5D)!

    • These tracks are nourishing to all 13 Core Chakras so that you can easily do Chakra energy hygiene and re-activate them with ease
    • allowing you access to this system of connection and manifestation with ease.
    • The 14th track represents and stimulates the Torus, a magnetic and protective field surrounding your body, that is created when all 13 Chakras are activated and integrated
    • value $1600


    • 3 BONUS AUDIO MEDITATIONS - value $321


      activated by the color orange, it brings new creations to form through patterns of light and Sacred Geometry. It is also where a new soul enters into a fetus. Listen to this guided meditation opening you to:

      • Ideas
      • Intention
      • Initiation


      • Spark
      • Belief
      • Form come into existence. 

      Our energy environment is polluted with unwanted thoughts, emotions, low-frequency vibrations, and more. You have to filter what you’re receiving through your Solar Plexus to receive truth. This meditation provides:

      • Purification
      • Protection
      • Positivity

      to gain clarity, calm, and a clean space to receive your “gut” messages.

      The Love or Heart Chakra is associated with the color pink. This energy center is all about love and light, sending love energy into the world, and converting light into love. It’s also your true power center as all the energies of the body merge in the heart. Settle in and embrace this loving meditation of:

      • Circulation
      • Compassion
      • Connection

      to optimize your health, and happiness, and honor yourself so that you can give freely all that light to the world and beyond.

      We journey from the very center of our being out to the edges of the Universe and back again turning light into love and radiating out that love!


      Additional Gifts, Resources, and Bonus Materials:

    • Two 13 Chakra Music Events value: $594 (more to come)

    • Interview with the composer of the music: Priceless

    • Special Telegram Group for connection, community, collaboration, and Team & Gwen's Support



The Total Value of this package is $15,293
and is yours for only
$1500 when Paid in Full


Create MORE Vitality to do all that you want to in your life, with your family, and out in the world! Regain your connection with yourself, the planet, and everything beyond for your highest well-being and access to your 5D presence, potential, and power! 

The Ultimate in Self Love... Knowing and empowering yourself through your 13 Core Vitality Chakras! Say "YES" and put in your details above then click "Complete My Purchase!"

What People Are Saying:

Participating in Sacred Spheres Shine helped me to find my own path and trust my choices. The energies of sacred geometry have always intrigued me, so learning to use them has been enlightening and fun. Activating the Spheres always brings a sense of tranquil energy to my life. With great appreciation and Lovelight

Lesley, Australia

“I have participated in three courses with Gwen and they have made a clear difference in my life. As an empath I was drawn to her at first when she offered a powerful way to unshackle manipulative energies from narcissists. Her ways of empowering empaths has helped me be more decisive, present and calm. This brought me to experience more joy and contentment in my life. Her group classes are so supportive and fun. A one on one session with her gets to the point and pivots old patterns. I would recommend Gwen to anybody who is ready to uplift and raise their energies in order to be able to face the unfolding of our new normal right now.” 

RuthAnna Lindemeir, Canada

"Thank you so much for the amazing session on Saturday. You and your team are MAGICAL! I also have been listening to your course and it is amazing. I love it because it is so clear, concise and effective. Simply divine." 

Mary M, Germany

Before I experienced a group class with Gwen, I had been feeling very anxious and controlled by external influences. I had already tried many other healers who had given me some temporary relief, but Gwen's teachings not only brought relief right away, they have also stayed with me and continued to support me. The tools I received from her are so easy to apply to daily life. I can feel the shift to my new place of serenity every time I invoke her aid with one of those tools that are now simply a part of me. I wish everyone could have this gift. I also had a one-on-one phone session with Gwen that was like no other. Just one example of the many aspects of my life that improved after that session is one around my father. I had been very close to my father before he died, but after his death, I had felt separated from him and forgotten by him. Gwen facilitated a communication with my father that felt like we were actually together talking. Since then, I have a sure knowing that the connection was never broken. 

Jean, a teacher trainer

“Gwen Lepard demystifies the relationship arena with energetic precision, shifting power dynamics, recognizing and vanquishing narcissistic injury guided by her powerful team. I always feel transformation during her group and personal sessions.”


I love Gwen, so much that I bought every one of her programs. She’s very positive and upbeat but also very organized and punctual. It’s easy to access the content which is chock-full of ways to raise your vibration. The calls are so much fun to attend, I would leave every call feeling more positive.