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Finding Flow with Foundation Fundamentals

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I'm Gwen Lepard, Luminary, Author, and Your Purpose Coach.  I've spent years as a mentor and guide by the side helping others like you to gain clarity, confidence, and calm. This course gives you a taste of what's in store when you connect to the 13 Chakra Core Vitality System.

What people are saying:

"Thank you so much for the amazing session on Saturday. You and your team are MAGICAL! I also have been listening to your course and it is amazing. I love it because it is so clear, concise and effective. Simply divine."  ~ Mary M, Germany

Gwen Lepard demystifies the relationship arena with energetic precision, shifting power dynamics, recognizing and vanquishing narcissistic injury guided by her powerful team. I always feel transformation during her group and personal sessions.” ~ Ann

“I have participated in three courses with Gwen and they have made a clear difference in my life. As an empath I was drawn to her at first when she offered a powerful way to unshackle manipulative energies from narcissists. Her ways of empowering empaths has helped me be more decisive, present and calm. This brought me to experience more joy and contentment in my life. Her group classes are so supportive and fun. A one on one session with her gets to the point and pivots old patterns. I would recommend Gwen to anybody who is ready to uplift and raise their energies in order to be able to face the unfolding of our new normal right now.”  ~ RuthAnna Lindemeir, Canada

I love Gwen, so much that I bought every one of her programs. She’s very positive and upbeat but also very organized and punctual. It’s easy to access the content which is chock-full of ways to raise your vibration. The calls are so much fun to attend, I would leave every call feeling more positive. ~ A.H.



Finding Flow with the Foundation Fundamentals allows you to  Reveal • Reclaim • Restore Your True Connection to the Universe so that it becomes easy to know and follow your purpose.

This 90-minute Introduction to the 13-Chakra Core Vitality System provides a foundation for the complete system so that you'll be open to receiving the full effects of having all these chakras working for your highest good.

You'll learn where I first discovered the 13-Chakra System and where some of this content came from.

We look at the fundamentals and provide clarity about the 6 that were lost or erased from existence. You’ll discover their intentions, colors, and locations in the body as we:

  • reveal
  • reclaim
  • restore
    ...your awareness of your dynamic relationship with the inner and outer universe. So that you begin to receive the rewards of connecting with your divine nature.

The training session includes 3 meditations that have been edited out for your ease of use.

We start with the Grounding Heart Meditation to bring your presence to the call and prepare you for your best result. You also tap into the Treasure Trove of Wealth waiting for you.

Then we reclaim the 13 Chakras and bring their Intentions online through an Activation Meditation. These intentions are empowering statements to lift your vibration and lighten the load of being an evolving empathic being living in a dramatically changing 3D to 5D world.

We wrap up with the Integrative healing of all 13 Chakras through a Quantum Journey so that you can begin to truly feel your connection with each of the chakras and with Heaven and Earth. This allows you to have a relationship with these crucial elements of your nature to fully know yourself and your abilities as an Empath and that can now serve your well-being, wealth, and willingness to be you, all of you.

Being all of you brings authenticity to a world starved for people that are REAL and who present with confidence, calm, and clarity while conveying integrity to heal the rifts that are challenging our world.

If you've felt the call to help heal the world and/or have been on a healing journey yourself, it's time to get the support of something that is actually PART of YOU! Whether your journey includes making a difference globally or just for yourself and your loved ones, the 13 Chakra Core Vitality System is a support system that is already built in. Getting access to it and finding out how to use it to help you in what you're up to is what this whole journey is about.

We're so glad that you are open to stepping into discovering a little bit of what the 13 Chakra Core Vitality System is about!

Value: $397