My Gwenformation - A testament to your magic 

"Here's a testimonial from me at the completion of the first month with you. 
I'm calling this Gwenformation Phase #1!!!"
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I first heard Gwen on a session where she practiced being a doctor (Saturn Decrees Training) and her voice coupled with the ease with which she healed the 'patient' made me feel like I had sooooo much more to learn.
From not knowing this powerhouse healer, guide, mentor that she is, to completely surrendering to her methods and energy is where I am in just 4 weeks with her.
When I signed up with Gwen, I was a skeptic, wondering where I'd be able to relate to her,  generate the funds for the 90 day 1-0-1 work with her. Then kept wondering how can she help me unbecome years of programming that said I attract only lower level vibrations, had low self esteem and transform that into:
  • this vision of confidence, 
  • brimming with self-love, 
  • attract prosperity (not just abundance as she said in one of the first few sessions) and 
  • radiate awareness just 90 days. 
To be honest I found this improbable.... not impossible, but in my mind I had serious doubts.
I'm glad to say that I've actually been blessed with a Gwenformation in just 4 weeks with her. Gwen's ways are a mixture of magic, higher guidance, the language of higher masters, Saturn's Decrees and awareness from everyone she has learnt and continues to learn from along with her own unique brand of laughter and constant compassionate support. 
She not only makes me look within but raises my awareness while exposing her vulnerability and freely sharing from her life experiences & journey!
I thank you Gwen, for helping me rewrite my story, believe in miracles, practice self-love, declutter from my cells the negative programming, attract prosperity and abundance (in this time of hopelessness n fear above all) and experience genuine heartfelt gratitude in just 4 weeks with you!
May the Universe make your wishes come true, grant you more and strengthen your current gifts, increase your reach to everyone who needs you and those who don't know that you exist on this plane.
Thank you for my Gwenformation

Sudhriti moved beyond her skepticism, doubts, worry about the money, and said "YES" to a 90-Day Freedom Journey with me. It brings me great joy to see how much she's already benefitted from our work together! 


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You read what happened for Sudhriti... What is possible for you?

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