Support in Uncertain Times

3-pack to clear shackles and address your pressing issues in our challenging times

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Yes, I Want Support Now
Uncertain and Difficult Times Have Added to the Normal Stresses of Life. THEN... there are SHACKLES!

Everything has changed on the planet. 

I get that I don't have to tell you about what's been happening in our world. What I do want you to know is that on top of everything going on in your outer world, there are shackles in your energy field that are draining the energy that you need to deal with this "new normal." We'll get through this and if you'll let me, I'd like to make it easier for you by providing support and removing the shackles that are affecting your ability to cope and thrive!


Why you would want this:

1) There are pressing issues for you that you need support with now

2) You feel your voice is blocked and you can't speak your truth

3) Something is repelling money, relationships, and sex in your life

4) Your breathing is restricted and you can’t seem to get a full breath

5) You're feeling overwhelmed and you want expert support

6) You'd like tools for dealing with Energy Bullies or narcissists

7) If still feeling the isolation, trauma, and drama of the last few years

What do you want to clear?

You have some personal pressing issues that you’re ready to clear right now.

You’re committed to your healing journey and want to clear those shackles that you know are stopping you right now.

You're going to get tools to deal with the uncertainty. We'll clear the collars blocking your voice. We'll remove the chastity belt in the way of your money, relationships, and sex life. We'll get that corset off that's restricting your breath. AND MORE... 

This 3-Pack of sessions is here to support you with pressing issues, whatever challenges have been made bigger for you with the current planetary situation. Each session is here to be used for what you want to clear and call in. Consider them your "cards" to freedom, peace, and more energy for your life!

There is a Way to Combat Anxiety

"My session with Gwen Lepard showed me that there is a way to combat the anxiety of the unknown by taking time to reframe the challenges of life. More importantly, I was reminded of one very important fact: that “This too shall pass.” Gwen’s masterful, loving approach brought me some peace in the chaos of what had been a tough week."

~ Candace Conradi, Author, Coach & Speaker

Stress Solutions Guided Meditation

“Anxiety and stress hits us all on a daily basis. The trick is what tools do we use and how do we shift the contraction energy to expansive. Gwen Lepard is your go-to-expert for anxiety relief and tools. I just had a session with her today which made a significant difference in how I felt and I walked away with stress solutions from her guided meditation.”

~ Marla Diann, Founder Embrace Your Spotlight

Why would you want the Uncertain Times Support 3-Pack of Sessions?

  • Remove the Shackles that are draining you
  • Knowing that you're not alone
  • Tools for dealing with the "new normal"
  • Insight from a different perspective 
  • Energy healing done with each session to boost your immune system
YES, Please! I Want Gwen's Support NOW
Gwen is laser-focused, very quick, and extremely effective.

We went deep into properly grounding. I've never been able to stay in my body leaving me wide open to outside interference for my entire life.

Gwen was able to do the heavy clearing to finally stop my mother & sister from draining my energy hiding under both shadows of responsibility and cloaks of responsibility. This has been a lifelong issue for me that I am so relieved to have cleared.

Gwen Is A Fantastic Multidimensional Energy Healer!" ~ Katherine, NY

“When I first met Gwen, I met her anxious, depressed, and sad. I was hopeless. I knew I was sensitive towards others reactions or actions.

However, it was not until I had a session with Gwen, who cleared my energy and centered me, that I FINALLY was able to stay calm, and was able to breathe. It takes a lot of courage to admit to having mental issues, but to be able to find help, is an even more courageous act. 

Today I am practicing all the centering and breathing techniques I've learned from Gwen. In just 20 minutes my energy feels cleared and I feel grounded in the center of the earth.

I wholeheartedly will ALWAYS recommend EVERYONE to work with Gwen. The magic she does only take MINUTES to help you feel at peace.

I have never considered my energy until I met Gwen. Meeting Gwen and having her clear my energy is the most important step towards helping me with my mental health.

~ Ely MC

"I had the pleasure of experiencing an anxiety reduction session with Gwen. I am in the of emotional wellbeing as well and I can tell you that I discriminate between people who say that do this work and people who are gifted. Gwen is one of those gifted coaches who will help you get the results you want. I brought up a lifelong anxiety trigger that she helped me with in less than a half hour! I highly recommend her!"

~ Todd Creager

One-on-One Support and Shackle Clearing

When we work together you get:

  • Support
  • Strength
  • Solace

I'll be doing a number of clearings for you:

  • Shackles
  • Energy Attachments 
  • Outside World Chaos
  • Health Fears
  • Mind Chatter
  • And More...

I will also remind you of:

  • All the Tools You Have
  • How Powerful You Are
  • How Much Divine Support You Truly Have Access To

And That This Too Shall Pass.

The investment is only $597. The cost of 3 individual sessions would be $900. This is a significant saving and when you pay-in-full you can use them however you want.

I get that times are crazy right now and it may seem like a good time to hang on to your resources. And it's in times like these that we find the most growth. If you truly want help with the transformations that this planetary shift is bringing about, now is the time to take action and invest in yourself.

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Gwen Lepard is a Luminary who lights the way to self-love, joy, and worthiness.

As a Baggage Begone™ Mentor, Speaker, and Leader of the Radiant Relationship Revolution, she helps empaths and leaders who've experienced narcissistic abuse and past sexual assault overcome their relationship baggage, optimize their self-love, and own their personal power so that they can have the love, peace, and freedom they desire. What she's really passionate about is helping create radiant relationships that stand the test of time, especially the relationship with yourself.

She has Co-Authored 6 books including the Award-Winning International Bestseller, “Navigating the Clickety-Clack, Volume 2” with Joe Vitale and Marie Diamond from the hit movie, “The Secret.” She has appeared on telesummits, podcasts, and was recently signed to streaming BINGE Network TV with her channel, The Self Love Experience.

She hails from the wild mountains of Montana and currently resides in San Diego, California. She herself experienced multiple sexual assaults in her teens and then married someone whose rage and narcissistic behavior subjected her to verbal, emotional, and finally physical abuse. She knows that the residue left can cause a sense of worthlessness, powerlessness, and inadequacy and continues to affect people in all their relationships over their lifetime and beyond.

She says that Relationships are the number one factor in health, wealth, and how we interact with the world. We carry energy from relationships that keep us from being well, keep love away, and block our success and wealth.

When she’s not helping remove relationship residue and emotional baggage, you can find her dancing, visiting the farmers market for organic produce, and cooking healthy gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based whole foods and treats. Guilty pleasures include the occasional Netflix and Amazon binges (the latest binge-worthy indulgence, Outlander), and Cacao, especially as a morning beverage - hot water, cacao, mint extract, with coconut cream, and a touch of maple syrup.

Some accomplishments include being an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Success Strategist, Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, and Quantum Jumping. She is an International Speaker, Award-Winning Broadcaster, Mentor, and a Baggage Begone™ Facilitator. She's the creator of the Lepard Method™ and she has a toolshed of healing modalities including Energy Medicine, Decrees, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Quantum Jumping, and many more.



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