What Clients are saying...

“Gwen Freed Me From Years Of Narcissistic Energies!!! Thank You Gwen!” ~ Sydney Barrows

Gwen is laser-focused, very quick, and extremely effective.  She was able to do the heavy clearing to finally stop my mother & sister from draining my energy. This has been a lifelong issue for me that I am so relieved to have cleared. Gwen Is A Fantastic Multidimensional Energy Healer!" - Katherine, NY

"I absolutely loved Gwen Lepard's clearing of the responsibility cloak. I swear I felt like a tonne of weight came off me. I was able to breathe more openly and clearly after that and I was able to see whose energy was it that had me engulfed!" ~ Pearl Khan

"I just had a session with Gwen and a few hours later I got an email saying I got a raise. It's a 35% increase! I about fell out of my chair. I'm feeling lighter than air right now." - Terry Tver

“I feel your connection to Source. I am sooo grateful for your presence and that you are doing this work- so needed!” ~ Daisy W.

"I actually feel empowered that narcissistic types won’t be able to make attachments to me as an empathic individual. I feel I have more tools to remove myself from attachments and unwanted connections to controlling people."

~ Dr. Keema Cooper, O’ahu, Hawai’i


“When I first met Gwen, I met her anxious, depressed, and sad. I was hopeless. I knew I was sensitive towards others reactions or actions. However, it was not until I had a session with Gwen, who cleared my energy and centered me, that I FINALLY was able to stay calm, and was able to breathe. Today I am practicing all the centering and breathing techniques I've learned from Gwen. My energy feels cleared and I feel grounded in the center of the earth. I wholeheartedly will ALWAYS recommend EVERYONE to work with Gwen. The magic she does only take MINUTES to help you feel at peace."
~ Ely MC

"Gwen is having an amazing result with her very intuitive abilities. She helped me to unblocked many issues, which I was not able to specify. She helped me to ease  my relationship with my daughter. I worked with many healers, and Gwen is definitely in area of highly experienced therapist."

"In 15mins my whole body was buzzing and it just continued. I could perceive blocks/hooks leaving! Something I really loved was the way Gwen didn't take sides with any of her own points of view. She is clear, powerful, and gets results fast! I can highly recommend grabbing a session with Gwen."
~ Delany Delaney

All my life I have carried chords and hooks from past traumas and beliefs.  In one session Gwen cleared these hooks and chords and immediately I felt lighter, happier and more confident. Gwen's processes are amazingly fast and powerful and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
~ M.W. 

"I felt an instantaneous release of all the upset I was feeling that I couldn’t shift myself. As someone who has struggled with and consistently attracted narcissistic energy my entire life, this process is the medicine you need!!! 

~ Heather Passant - Queensland, Australia

YES... Individual Support IS Available!

Why would you want to have a One-on-One session with Gwen?

Do you have things in your life you haven’t been able to change?  Are there blocks to your progression forward? 

Do you feel like you aren’t the only one in your own skin? Do you have trouble saying “No” and sticking to it?

We all have things in this life we are “working” on. No matter how advanced a practitioner you are, there are times when we need to reach out to others to help us overcome the barriers in our lives.

In my personal life, I have made the most advancement in my own healing when I have made the investment in myself to work with another healer. We are not in this life alone. We are here to help each other get to the next level of wellness.

You've seen the testimonials all throughout this page and there are so many more. To work with Gwen one-on-one is usually a 4 figure investment for a 90+ day program. She's agreed to become more accessible with some 3 pack packages including 15-minute sessions and 30-minute sessions. She no longer offers single sessions except through special offers like this. 

If you're serious about your transformation from pain to peace, you owe it to yourself to take her up on her very generous offers here. 

Your time together with her is totally dedicated to You and Your needs as you work privately, purposefully, and powerfully.

~ Diane R. Smith, Author

For support email: [email protected]

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